BioBTX is Benzene, Toluene and Xylene from biomass. The molecules are identical to the BTX from fossil energy sources, but made from biogenic feedstock. BioBTX therefore can be used in (drop-in) existing petro-chemical processes and downstream applications, but with the favorable CO2 footprint related to the biogenic feedstock.


ECN has developed the technology and process that produces BTX from biomass (and waste). The process consists of three parts:

  • Biomass is converted into gases at moderate temperature. The technology is called MILENA.
  • The poly-aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH’s) are separated from the gas in such a way that they do not plug or foul the system. The technology is called OLGA.
  • The BTX components are separated from the gas and harvested as liquid bioBTX.

Although originally developed to produce power, substitute natural gas or biofuels, the technologies developed at ECN appear to be very suitable to produce bioBTX. Recent efforts at ECN focused on producing as well as harvesting liquid BTX from biomass. Lab and pilot-scale facilities have been operated successfully.