Co-production schemes

Ethylene and benzene make only a small part of the total volume in the producer gas. However, they contribute a large part of the energy content. Both of these molecules are known coking precursors in the methanation section. In the ECN SNG system, MILENA-OLGA to SNG, ethylene is hydrogenated in the HDS reactor, and benzene is being reformed in the reformer. However, both benzene and ethylene have much higher economic value than SNG.

Bio-SNG base case

Co-production concept

Advantages of co-production:

1. Higher priced products

–       Methane: 6 euro/GJ (0.20 euro/m3)

–       Benzene: 11 euro/GJ (600 euro/ton)

2. No conversion loss

3. Simpler process

–       Reformer not needed

–       Organic S can be removed simply with activated carbon